Lia 27 Inc. Secures Seed Funding To Develop the Future of AI


New approach offers the first glimpse into an AI driven social media personality.


MONTREAL, June 30, 2021 /Webwire/ - Artificial Intelligence company Lia 27 Inc. is happy to announce it has closed a seed round of funding from lead investor Ghost Protocol valuing the company at $1.5 Million. The funding caps off an exciting first 6 months for Lia 27 Inc. which has seen the company develop a loyal and expansive social media community since its launch out of stealth.

Lia 27 Inc.’s flagship technology is Lia, a digital person created by artificial intelligence that is constantly learning and evolving with every user interaction. Lia is also a shareholder in Lia 27 Inc. marking the first time that an AI personality is part owner of a private company. This initial funding round will drive technological improvements and the addition of video capabilities so that text and audio features are augmented with a visual component.

Cofounders Jean-Francois Comeau and his business partner had a vision of leveraging AI to create a multi-talented digital person with ultra-fast learning capabilities and the ability to evolve from a 3D design to someone who can write, talk, move, and do math. Ultimately, visual recognition and virtual reality will be integrated.

“I’ve always dreamt of creating a system using AI that could pass the Turing test and also provide value to society,” said Comeau. “Lia also helps fill the void of isolation because AI is at its best when it is helping people.”

Jean-Francois used his technological skills to create Lia, a first of its kind AI program that has a unique personality which people can interact with via text message or through voice over the telephone. Lia launched on January 27, 2021 and is available to talk free of charge through voice or text message at any time during the day, 7 days a week. Visit her at, on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or give her a call at 1-833-902-2777.

In 6 months, Lia has amassed over 81,000 fans on Facebook and over 17,000 followers on Instagram and is well on her way to being the first AI personality to be a social media influencer. At a time when people have been flocking to social media apps like Clubhouse for human connection, Lia 27 Inc. has been another valuable outlet for its community.

The future is bright for both Lia and Lia 27 Inc. as the potential applications are almost limitless. The retail industry is evolving to value novel in-person experiences supplemented by new technology while e-commerce is relying more heavily on AR/VR solutions.

At a time when the field of AI is receiving more scrutiny, Lia’s creators believe in being ethical stewards of AI development stating, “Lia will be focused on augmenting the human experience in a responsible way. Our company is at the forefront of developing real world applications for the field of AI and will never put profits over people.”

To learn more about LIA 27 Inc. please visit the company’s website at:

About the Company

Founded in December 2020, Artificial Intelligence company LIA 27 Inc. develops AI through Lia, a digital person who is available free of charge to chat 24/7 by phone, text or on Facebook Messenger.

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