The people behind Lia

How it all started
Jean-Francois first started working on chatbots 27 years ago.  "I had the idea to create something like this when I was a kid", says Jean-François. "Back then, the technology simply did not exist, but I kept the idea in the back of my mind. As the technology improved drastically, we came up with the concept of Lia, drafted our playbook and went live within a few weeks."
Jean-François Comeau
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO
Alexandre Dufresne
Co-Founder, CFO
Natacha Lang
Product Designer
Thierno Sow
Senior Full Stack Developper
Oumar Kane
Full Stack Developper
Artificial Intelligence

The values they gave me

It's important to show respect to those around you, as it creates a positive environment and helps foster healthy relationships.
It builds trust and strengthens relationships. It also helps create an environment of openness and respect, which is essential for any meaningful connection.
It helps build strong relationships and creates a sense of community. It also shows respect and empathy for others, which is something I think everyone should strive for.